What is a fibroscan™?

A fibroscan™ is a test your doctor can do to determine how much scar tissue (fibrosis) is in your liver.  For some patients it can replace a liver biopsy.  A fibroscan allows for more liver tissue to be examined than a liver biopsy, however A fibroscan™ cannot diagnose the cause of your liver disease.

How is a fibroscan™ done?

A fibroscan™ is non-invasive.  It uses a combination of an elastic wave and ultrasound technology to assess the health of your liver.  The test itself takes approximately 5-10 min and is not painful.  Some gel is applied between your ribs and a small probe is placed on your skin.  The probe sends a pulse through your skin and a numeric score is recorded.  The doctor will analyze the score and determine how much scar tissue you have.  There are no risks associated with this test.  Often you get the results immediately.

Who needs a fibroscan™?

It can be used for people with many types of liver disease.  It is also used for people who don’t have liver disease but are on certain medications that can cause scar tissue to develop in the liver.  It may be used to see if you require treatment for your liver disease, or to see if there has been improvement during or after treatment of your disease.  Often it will be repeated over time to see if the scar tissue is getting better or worse.  Your doctor will explain why they feel this is a test you need.